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Original Drawing "Ippon Datara"

Original Drawing "Ippon Datara"(One Leg Yokai) by Tokyo Jesus


Material: Graphite on Paper (*Using Maruman 60g/㎡ Croquis Paper)

Paper Size: approx. 203 x 220mm ( approx. 8 x 8.66 inches)

Art Size:  approx. 182 x 213mm ( approx. 7.17 x 8.4 inches)

 Signed and stamped by the artist.  


*We ship Worldwide.

* One Make


Yokai “一本だたら -Ippon Datara-”.

The Yokai appears folklore of many regions in Japan.

According to one of it, he has A big eye, A big leg. He always emerges when it’s snowing.  But he doesn’t do any bad thing. Just surprise people. 

In this case.. he’s trying to surprise children, but it seems they have already known that he is not a bad guy. 


Original Drawing "Ippon Datara"

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